Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beginning Reconstruction

Now that I had images of all of the mural segments from The Jinks Room, it was time to assemble them in the correct order.  This meant more than just organizing the segments from left to right; reconstructing the room meant knowing where columns, doorways, windows, and a large fireplace were located in the room.

I had seen some archive photographs of the murals in situ, but could not determine definitely the correct arrangement of the room.  That was until I went through the museum files on The Jinks Room again.

I found in a conservation report (which was written before the murals were removed from Anoakia) a detailed list of which mural segments were located on which walls.

North Wall:
Monk with Jester & Leprechaun, Jester & Leprechaun, Procession with Couples 

East Wall:
Jester, Procession with Reluctant Cat

South Wall:
Feast with Friar, Dance with the Fairy Queen, Procession with Reluctant Monk
(segments separated by columns)
On the west wall there was only one segment, Jester with Baton, which seemed strange to me because if there was only one segment on this wall that meant there was a lot of empty wall space.  But further on in the conservation report it said that the west wall was mostly made up of windows.  This was unexpected since The Jinks Room was located in the basement of the mansion, and I had automatically assumed there wouldn’t be any windows in this room.

Now that I have the correct organization of the mural cycle I can start installing silhouettes of the mural segments in the galleries.  Installation started this week!

- Francisco Rosas

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