Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Return to the White Cube

re:View closed this past Saturday, and on Monday de-installation began.  Myself and the other four students joined the preparators and curator of the museum and helped to take it all down.  Jayme took down her wall text, making sure to save the photos of “Tom,” Raylene was busy putting many many paintings back into real storage, David hoarded all of his wall quotes, wall text, and labels, Lauren ejected her DVD…Actually, Lauren did a lot more than that, and was pretty fierce when it came to wielding a drill; she helped to removed the mountings that the Jinks Room murals had been attached to.

I was charged with the task of removing my “blueprint” from the Center Gallery’s floor.  What had taken two semesters to research, develop and execute, was removed and gone within five minutes.  The painted plastic sheets were ripped off the floor and were crumpled into a big heap.
Taking down our individual projects wasn’t the only thing that needed to be done; we also took down all of the wall text from re:View and from Four Rooms and a View, and also took down our big blue title.
What did we do with all of this trash?  Jayme turned it into a Lady-Gaga-inspired outfit, that she plans on wearing out this weekend in Hollywood.—Just kidding.  After prancing around with all the discarded plastic Jayme tossed it.

Some people asked me if I was going to try and save any of the silhouettes, m response was that my project was really about expanding the known knowledge about the murals.  All of the expanded research will be added to the museums file, and will be preserved there.  So saving the plastic sheets wasn’t really a priority of the project for me, so much as a creative way to display my research.

The museum galleries have once again been returned to the white boxes.  The next thing to go on display in the Fisher is the SOFA show, which will showcase works from students in the Roski School of Fine Art.  However one things remains from re:View, and will stay on view until fall.  Susan Silton’s work, which was commissioned for re:View still adorns the facade of the Fisher.  It reminds us, the student-curators of our project, and welcomes visitors into the museum, and asks them to question what they are seeing.

- Francisco Rosas

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